A work plan comprised of 7 interconnected work packages has been developed to help the AISym4MED project achieves its unique goals. Under the guidance of the work package leader, each partner will collaborate in order to assure that each work package will be completed during the project’s lifespan.

WP 1

Architecture Design and Development

This work package will involve the design and implementation of the AISym4Med platform, dealing with the integration of the methods developed in other work packages. The platform will be tested, corrected, and updated according to the feedback provided by the demonstration pilots to achieve its final version.

WP 2

Data Governance Architecture

The main goal is to research and develop methods for standardizing the structure of the data.
This interoperable structure is essential to have cross-border health data hubs while dealing with different types of data and formats. Using this structure together with privacy-preserving methods data governance will make sure the data follow legal and ethical requirements and guidelines and ensure stakeholders’ data-sharing requirements are fulfilled.

WP 3

Data & Model Auditing

This work package aims to design, develop, and test methods for auditing ML models and datasets.
These techniques will support the development of novel, fair and responsible AI algorithms, by giving the users insights about the data, algorithms, and models they are working with. Considering the current regulations and the requirements of the different types of applications considered in this project, this project will investigate tools to audit if the datasets and models are GDPR compliant.

WP 4

Synthetic Data Generation

Design and develop synthetic data generation techniques. The new methods will address the demands of specific use cases, such as increasing the amount of data for a certain clinical condition or controlling the way features are manifested in the synthetic data. This data will be used to generate better models and understand their behaviour, and improve algorithms.

WP 5

Platform validation against selected use cases

This work package’s main goal is to bring different use cases and stakeholders from the healthcare industry to interact and validate the proposed solution. The validation will be executed in a two-fold way – platform and data validation – through the pilot definition, execution, and analysis.

WP 6

Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation

This WP will develop and implement a dissemination and communication plan, and an exploitation roadmap to foster the achievements of target impacts. The main operative objectives are the definition of D&C strategy and vision and implementation of the corresponding activities, including deployment of project online presence and offline material; and the definition of a detailed exploitation strategy and intellectual property rights management approach.

WP 7

Project Management

Smooth and efficient project management will be ensured, and the activities will be executed in accordance with the EC guidelines. It will enable setting up the management structure to ensure coherent project implementation and mobilise partners’ involvement so that the results are effectively developed on time with the specified budget. This WP will also support the maintenance of a continuous link with the EC.

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