AISYM4MED-kick off meeting

AISym4MED Kick-off Meeting in Porto, Portugal

AISym4MED – The platform that will expect to improve the healthcare data system in Europe

The AISym4MED project’s kick-off meeting was held at the UPTEC University in Oporto, Portugal. The 48-month AISym4MED project, which is a new and innovative project of the Horizon Europe Funding Programme – the primary in the field of Research and Innovation – and is funded by the European Commission for 6,341,765.00€ million, was the focal point of the event, which was hosted by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. Using a platform that combines machine learning methods and synthetic data generation, AISYM4MED seeks to make high-quality data accessible for medical research and contribute to the development of more responsible AI.

The consortium, which consists of partners from 8 different countries in Europe, presented the agenda for the following steps during the conference under the direction of the project manager Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and under the coordination from HaDEA, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency.

The main goal of AISym4Med is to provide a platform that will give access to a reliable dataset system enhanced with controlled data synthesis for experimentation and modeling to healthcare data engineers, practitioners, and academics. This platform will address data privacy and security by combining new anonymization techniques, attribute-based privacy measures, and trustworthy tracking systems. Furthermore, this platform will exploit federated technologies for reproducing unidentifiable data from closed borders, promoting the indirect assessment of a broader number of databases, while respecting privacy, security, and GDPR-compliant guidelines.

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