AISym4MED attended the EHDS event at the European Parliament

On March 01st, AISym4MED was present at the event organised at the European Parliament on the European Health Data Space EHDS hosted by MEP Tomislav Sokol.

aisym4med attended the ehds event

The European Commission unveiled the European Health Data Space (EHDS) in May 2022, as one of the cornerstones of a strong European Health Union. The EHDS will assist the EU in making a significant improvement in how healthcare is delivered to people throughout Europe. It promotes a true single market for goods and services related to digital health. Citizens will be given more power over and access to their health data in their own nation or in another Member State. EHDS also provides a uniform, trustworthy, and efficient framework for using health data for research, innovation, policymaking, and regulatory activities while adhering to the EU’s strong data protection regulations.

A ground-breaking move for health data’s future!

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