how safe data collaboration solutions can lead to better results

James Kugler, CEO of EMD Digital and Director of Syntropy, discusses the difficulties that the healthcare sector has had in improving data quality in an article that was posted on the HealthData Management website. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 epidemic forced scientists to put accuracy, promptness, and especially teamwork first. Healthcare stakeholders can hasten medical advancements and build on one another’s discoveries by providing secure collaboration on real patient data.

The healthcare sector is having trouble managing an abundance of data from wearables and remote monitoring systems, which is making it difficult to analyse insights and enhance patient care. The siloing of healthcare data across disparate technologies and systems makes it challenging for practitioners to see the larger picture.

In this scenario, the consortium of the AISym4MED project is trying to overcome the challenges too often faced by researchers, engineers, and practitioners in accessing a wider source of data by developing a platform with the aim of providing access to a trustworthy dataset system augmented with controlled data synthesis for experimentation and modelling purposes.

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